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A few firms I've done projects and provided services for:
Hewlett-Packard Logo
Hewlett-Packard Company
Electronic instruments &
Micro-electronic devices:
Manufacturing & test engineering (10 years).
Computers: Online help systems design & implementation, Hardware & software plus Unix operating-system reference manuals & learning-products engineering (20 years).

Richard Gage & Assoc.
Attorneys at Law,
Complete turn-key web projects: Website planning and design, custom XHTML and CSS programming, market positioning, and copywriting.
These websites load faster than 99% of all sites tested by ''.

Street Hypnosis Logo
Street Hypnosis
Igor Ledochowski & Clifford Mee
Large project: Dozens of emails for world-wide, online marketing of their popular hypnosis-based, self- improvement products and programs.

Ensign Power Systems Inc. Logo
Ensign Power Systems, Inc.
Installation, Operating, And Maintenance manuals for custom high-reliability, military power supplies sold to US and foreign governments.

Settlement Professionals Inc. Logo
Settlement Professionals Inc.
Special report used by a financial planning firm to market their services related to structuring and managing personal-injury settlement funding.

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Elite Lawyer
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Elite Lawyer Project
Your Personal Injury Resource Center

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If you're a Smart Marketer...

Are you exploiting the power behind the potent marketing "secret" smart direct marketers use to reliably break through the noise — and profitably connect with prospects and customers?

Or are you just one in the chattering crowd — constantly chasing the next bright shiny object or virally popular social medium — hoping it will bury you in mountains of cash as you crush your competition and accumulate hordes of fans and followers?

It's a noisy mess out there. Advertisers splattering their stuff everywhere. New social media announced almost weekly. And "experts" telling you you must be part of their favorite — because you might miss the latest gossip about nothing worth knowing.

And in the middle of it all — everyone scrambling to make a buck.

The noise is maddening. And your prospects and customers want it gone too.

You and your prospects want the same thing

The thing your prospect wants is the same thing you want — the simple answer to one question:

"What can I do to get past that ceaseless clatter and have a quiet conversation with people I want to do business with who also want to do business with me?"

And there really is a simple, single answer to that question.

There's a proven way to cut through and connect

You can bypass all that commotion and clamor with a very simple approach to the problem.

The quiet conversation starts with engaging, persuasive, compelling, direct-response copywriting that communicates with your prospects and customers in a way that brand image advertising advocated by mass media and most ad agencies cannot.

And you can bring the powerful advantage of direct-response marketing into your business.

Clarke Echols is a veteran B2B/B2C copywriter — with a combined 35+ years of real-world experience between being a top Senior Writer at Hewlett-Packard Company, and inside his own businesses simultaneously and since.

His in-depth experience spans a wide range of businesses and business environments, as well as many trades and professions since the mid-1960s.

When you engage his services, you gain access to a broad base of life and professional experience that is quite hard to find.

The kind of skill that leads others to ask his clients, "Who wrote this? Where did you find this guy?" Then they ask for contact information.

His corporate and other writing experience he has expanded through intense exposure to commercial copywriting — learning from legendary masters of the craft that include Bob Bly, Clayton Makepeace, Daniel Levis, Perry Marshall, John Carlton, Drayton Bird, and others too numerous to mention, not to overlook past masters from the last 100+ years who are no longer living.

He is an acknowledged master of the written word, and competent in the craft of persuasive writing.

More than "just a copywriter"

But Clarke is much more than "just a copywriter". As a small business owner for more than 40 years, a corporate employee for 30, with more than 25 years of direct experience in consumer and B2B sales...

"There is more incompetence in advertising than in any other field except perhaps psychology"

– John Carlton –
(who has a degree in psychology)

Including owning a manufacturing business with customers all over the US and Canada — plus buying and selling in the B2B and B2C environments — he brings a perspective to your marketing problems that you simply cannot find in other B2B writers with, perhaps, a few very scarce exceptions.

Experience in numerous building trades from concrete to electrical, plumbing to HVAC, cabinet making to drywall — then add welding, machine, and and other metalworking — broadcast engineering plus cable TV ownership, construction, and system maintenance — he's done all that — and more.

He's been your customer or a customer of someone like you. He understands what your customers need and want, and he can help you represent yourself to your prospects with professional competence.

Equally at home talking with C-suite executives and business owners, workers on the factory floor, janitors, fast-food workers, truck drivers, or diesel mechanics — he knows how to talk their language at their level so they feel perfectly comfortable conversing with him.

So how does that benefit You?

Suppose you had a situation similar to one of the following:

  • You're an HVAC supplier and you need a white paper addressing prospects in technology. His experience in both fields means he already understands many of their needs and concerns, as well as what you need to communicate to them.
  • You're a financial planning company with a product or service needed by firms in a completely different kind of business. His exposure to accounting and finance means he can provide a level of interaction with your audience that other writers simply cannot attain.
  • Or you're a technology company providing software for the construction industry. He's worked in the technology and software arena for decades, but also had considerable experience in the construction field, so he not only understands the business side of things, but also the terminology and many standard practices.

These are only three examples of how his flexibility can provide you with a marketing edge that's tough to find with any other writers in the B2B environment.

And that edge is important when you need to communicate with your market in a persuasive way that can gain you respect and positive response.

Imagine someone getting your case study, white paper, or other collateral when it's been written by someone with that background, versus settling for a writer who's less well-rounded or shallower in both life and specialty experiences. You might save a little money, but if you lose the sale, what does that net you?

No need for hype and silly, phony "creative". Clarke knows how to get real with your audience, and deliver a real message that will help you look good, while also protecting your bottom line with marketing communications that's more effective, gets the point across persuasively, and delivers better ROI.

No baloney — No nonsense — Just good results.

Problem-solving time

You have a problem: You need copy written by a solid copywriter who understands your business, your technology, and your customers.

Clarke can help you solve that problem.

It's time to talk...

Your move.

By phone or email — Contact information:

Clarke Echols
1579 S. Taft Ave.
Loveland, CO 80537
(970) 667-6736